Dr. Agnes Bartek
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Dr. Agnes Bartek
Nashville's Best Harpist for Weddings & Events

I work with excited couples,

who want a special wedding ceremony that everyone will remember and rave about for years to come.

 Like modern-day princesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, you know you want the beauty and elegance of a harpist for your big day.

The only problem is, you’re overwhelmed with making decisions, not sure what you want and just want to have all your planning done.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Agnes Bartek-

Founder and owner of The Harp Salon. I help elegant brides, like you, create the romantic wedding of their dreams by providing beautiful harp music for their wedding ceremony.


You’ve spent so much time….

  • Answering questions,

  • Making decisions,

  • Looking for unique wedding ideas that haven’t been overdone,

  • Trying to keep track of the thousands of details while not dropping the ball,

  • Bickering with your mother,

  • Dealing with wedding drama,

  • Obsessing over every little detail.


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You have great taste and know what you want but are starting to feel overwhelmed by all the details and decisions.

Maybe you’re close to tears when your mother or future mother-in-law starts in with her opinions and expectations

It’s time for you to relax and enjoy.

Create a couture wedding ceremony, one that is custom designed for you and will fill you with joy and leave guests raving about your exquisite wedding for years to come.


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The huge smile on your grandmother’s face as she is escorted, by her handsome grandson, down the aisle to an “Ave Maria,” that’s been perfectly paced and timed to match her walking speed.




Your grand entrance

As your guests are brought the attention by harp glissandos that announce your arrival as you float down the aisle, all eyes on you.


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Being at a party

5 years after your wedding, where people are still telling you how gorgeous your ceremony was!


Let’s carefully curate music to meet your grand vision.

You’ll also get…

  • Musical guidance based on your religious guidelines and personal taste

    • Including two custom arrangements of music not already in Dr. Agnes’ repertoire, ensuring your musical selection is truly unique

  • Harp music with perfect musical timing for all elements of your wedding ceremony  

    • Your music will perfectly flow from one part of your ceremony to the next

  • Music pieces that set the tone and atmosphere for your service including

    • Prelude music that relaxes your guests and gets them in the spirit to admire and celebrate your wedding day;

    • Opening procession that includes seating of mothers, grandmothers, wedding party and attendants;

    • Your grand entrance;

    • Special music during communion, unity candle, etc.;

    • Recessional music;

    • Postlude music as guests leave and head to your celebration party

Built-in crisis-control management for your wedding ceremony

    • If you have children, animals, or Mother Nature as elements of your wedding, anything can go wrong

    • With over 20 years of wedding experience, Dr. Agnes is a master in quickly improvising so that your guests never notice a thing and your ceremony stays together until things are back on track

  • Peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted your ceremony atmosphere to a professional

    • The right instruments, musicians, and audio equipment so there are no surprises on your wedding day



 You’ll also receive Dr. Agnes’

Unrivaled harp skills that showcase a one-of-a-kind classical repertoire, never before been played at Nashville weddings  

  • Laser-focused attention on every detail of your musical atmosphere crafting an elegant wedding experience

  • Unique combination of education, ability to anticipate clients’ needs, and pure talent including:  

    • Doctoral-degree in Harp Performance from nationally-ranked Florida State University, one of only three universities in the country to offer a Doctor of Music degree

    • Played Principal Harp in nationally-renowned symphonies including the:

      • Nashville Philharmonic

      • Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

      • Panama City Pops  

    • Specially requested for world-wide performances at exclusive private events including dignitary dinners in Switzerland, Brazil, and Mexico.  

  • Top-of-the-line harp and sound system setup, so that every person can hear every note with crystal clear clarity

  • Availability to play at your event across the United States


Experience the difference

Experience the difference The Harp Salon will bring to your dream day.  Call Dr. Agnes at 601-917-6470 or click below to set up your consultation.

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