Dr. Agnes Bartek
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Dr. Agnes Bartek
Nashville's Best Harpist for Weddings & Events

 Bring je n'ais se quoi to your next event.



You are a gracious host, have excellent taste, and exacting standards for your casual get togethers, parties and life’s big celebratory events.  

But it’s not always easy to pull it off. So much of it depends on the music, the food, the venue -- things that are not always in your control!

You’ve been to plenty of special-occasion parties and weddings and have left feeling like it was nothing special, just run-of-the-mill.

That’s the last thing you want your guests to be thinking as they leave the event you’ve planned for so carefully!


Hi, I’m Dr. Agnes Bartek


Classically-trained harpist, owner/founder of The Harp Salon and connoisseur of elegance. The special vibrations of the harp touches people’s hearts in a meaningful way. My mission is to share that joy with people at special-events, parties and weddings around the world.

If you want your celebration to be an enchanting event, adding the beauty and sophistication of a live harpist will have your guests raving about what a wonderful time they had for years to come.

As the instrument of royalty—played at Marie Antoinette’s soiree’s, Kate and William’s wedding and Meghan Markle’s baby shower—the harp compliments and encourages conversation, rather than competing with it and acts as a visually stunning centerpiece, instantly communicating refinement and sophistication.

Let’s curate harp music that represents your refined musical palette and creates the most elegant event.



When you’re looking for a harpist to create this one-of-a-kind atmosphere you need someone who is highly experienced, vigorously trained and a true music virtuoso with credentials like:

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral-degree in Harp Performance from nationally-ranked Florida State University, one of only three universities in the country to offer a Doctor of Music degree.


Co-produced Harp Fusion’s “Taking on the World” multimedia concert, which had a cast of over 125 performers including 16 professional harpists, Native American musicians, traditional Japanese dancers, and 10 student harpists.

Specially Selected

Specially selected for recorded musical productions with HarpFusion and Florida State Symphony

Principle Harp

Played principle harp in nationally-renowned symphonies including the:

  • Nashville Philharmonic

  • Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

  • Panama City Pops  



Specially requested for world-wide performances at exclusive private events including dignitary dinners in Switzerland, Brazil, and Mexico.  

5-star Resort

Resident Harpist at a 5-star Loews resort

20 years


Over 20 years of professional wedding experience


Like you, I’ve had a life-long love for elegance and appreciation for the arts


Growing up in a small Louisiana town, I soaked up every bit of music, art and culture that I could.  Encouraged by my parents to explore all many kinds of artistic expression, I played the piano, took art lessons, loved ballet class, was an avid writer, and even listened to the Metropolitan Opera broadcast every Saturday afternoon while I did chores!

I was enamored of the 19th-century Enlightenment/Classical ideals of a “well-rounded” young lady and appreciated how the focus and dedication demanded by artistic pursuits inevitably led to overall self-improvement.

When was 11 a family friend gave me the gift a two harp lessons for St. Agnes day,  and I cried through each lesson! Compared to the piano, it was SO hard!


At 13, I played my very first wedding (a white-tie event!) at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, DC. I was hooked. I became fascinated with the challenge of mastering the harp and understood that it would be a gift of joy and beauty that I could share with others.

From my heart and soul, I believe that harp music has the power to transform an atmosphere run-of-the-mill to magical. People tell me that the harp is their favorite instrument and I’m truly honored to play for them.

Every day I wake up with the goal to make the world a more elegant place.
Bring that elegance to your next special event or wedding by setting up your consultation.

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