I help sophisticated, detail-oriented brides like you who are planning the romantic and memorable wedding of their dreams. The only problem is, you aren’t quite sure what to do for wedding ceremony music. You have spent so much time and energy on every detail, settling for a pianist or DJ is not going to cut it.

After all, music sets the tone for the entire wedding experience.

Harp Salon Weddings surrounds your entire ceremony with PhD-level musical experience and an international caliber performance. Together, we create an unforgettable music experience. Lets get these details taken care of and make your atmosphere as special as the rest of your wedding.


I work with couples who want

a ceremony that guests will remember.

Like modern-day princesses Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, you know you want the beauty and elegance of a harpist for your big day.


The only problem is, you don’t know what music sounds good on the harp and are terrified of messing it up and losing the magic music can bring.


After all, music sets the entire tone the entire wedding experience!

Hi, I’m Dr. Agnes Bartek--I have 20 years of professional experience and know how to create your perfect custom music on the harp.

Together, we will create a couture atmosphere for your ceremony that will fill you with joy, and leave guests raving about your exquisite wedding for years to come.  

Do you know your reception will be awesome, but worry that your ceremony doesn’t have that WOW factor yet?


❖      Are you feeling a little panicked because you waited to the last minute, and now the experience may not be be as amazing as your love story?

❖      Are you struggling to find unique wedding ideas that haven’t been overdone?

❖      Do you know you want a harp player at your wedding, but don’t know what sounds good on the harp besides Canon in D?

I can help.

Imagine going from feeling anxious and short-of-breath because of ALL.THE.THINGS to looking forward to your big day with your own private harpist, just like modern-day princesses.

Envision how delighted your early-arrival guests will be with a elegant music to entertain them, rather than sitting in awkward silence. 

Picture the huge smile on your grandmother’s face as she is escorted (by her handsome grandson) down the aisle “Ave Maria,” the harp music perfectly paced and timed to match her speed. 

Envision your grand entrance as you are heralded by heavenly harp glissandos and enhanced by the luscious sound of gorgeous harp music.

Imagine being at a party 5 years after your wedding, and people are still telling you how great your ceremony was!

Go from a predictable ceremony with guests anxiously awaiting their first cocktail and checking the football score, to a couture music experience that commands the respect your marriage deserves.

Your Harp Salon Wedding Includes:

Carefully curated music recommendations based on your personal taste and preferences.

Harp music for all elements of wedding ceremony:

25 minutes of prelude music to set the tone and atmosphere for your service.

            Opening Procession

            Seating of Mothers and Grandmothers

            Wedding Party and attendants

            Grand Entrance

            Special Music (Communion, Unity Candle ect.).

            Recessional (exit) music

            Postlude music as guests leave


 ❖      Two custom arrangements of music not already in Dr. Agnes’ repertoire

❖      Microphones and audio equipment (if needed)

❖       Travel and harp cartage within the Nashville Metro area

❖      Instrument and equipment insurance

❖      Intellectual property ownership of my performance at your wedding 

❖      Easy online booking process

What this means for you:

1. Perfect music timing. Even if you don’t know what this is yet, you WANT to have perfect music timing. When Grandma is only halfway down the aisle and the music stops, she is embarrassed and makes pictures WAY less fun afterwards.


2. Built-in crisis-control management for your wedding ceremony. If you have children, animals, or Mother Nature as elements of your wedding, anything can go wrong. If anything goes wrong, you need a musician who can improvise and hold the ceremony together until things are back on track.

3. Confidence that you have hired a wedding music expert who will take the stress off of you and get the job done.


4. Quick and Easy Booking You save time over traditional music booking coordination and contracts.


5. Peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted your ceremony atmosphere to a professional who has the right equipment, instruments, and insurance so there are no surprises on your wedding day. No surprises = WAY more enjoyable for you!


6. You can record my performance to you use for your wedding videos or to listen to later. That way, if you aren’t able to catch every note in real time, you can relive your wedding ceremony over and over again. (But not in a weird Mrs. Havisham-type of way).


7. EASY-on-you, time-saving music selection process.  Everything is in one place online. No more searching through long email chains to see how much you owe and what your options are. 

But the magic doesn’t happen by accident. It takes…

$500,000 university harp education at your disposal

11 years of university studies in the U.S.’s top-ranking harp programs.

4 different universities in 4 football conferences  (How many people can say that?!)

3 Harp Performance degrees.

Former Resident Harpist of a 5-star resort in Arizona

$30,000 harp and sound system setup, so that every person can hear every note with crystal clear clarity. (Because if you can’t hear your harpist, why even bother having one?)

Unique combination of education, ability to anticipate clients’ needs, and pure talent.

Access to Dr. Agnes’ gorgeous classical repertoire that has never before been played at Nashville weddings. (Because only she has the harp skills to play it). 

100% laser-focused on nailing your music atmosphere. Dr. Agnes devotes ALL of her time behind the harp to crafting YOUR perfect wedding experience.

Experience the difference a professional harp player brings to dream day.  Click here to inquire about pricing and see if your date is still available.

*Dr. Agnes typically books out 6 months in advance*