About the Harp Salon. 


The girl behind the harp. 


Hi, I’m Agnes- I'm a musician, an educator, and a preformer. I’m from a small town in Louisiana called Natchitoches. (It’s whereSteel Magnolias was filmed. Que the “Oh!”)

I love to teach my passion, and I have students in the age ranges from 6-72 (ahem-, you probably fit in that group, don’t you?!) It’s my job to show people like you how to go from loving the harp to playing the harp. (We may put this in a seperate section- we may have book me vs learn from me- we can talk about this in a call)


Here are the things I love and value:



+ Good conversation

+ The arts- visual, performing, and written

+ Unique people (like you and I) who are candid and straightforward

+ Good food, good music, and good craftsmanship

+ My dog, Truffles, of course. 

It’s my job to show people like you how to go from loving the harp to playing the harp.


I work with curious, creative children like yours. They love music and won’t stop whining for lessons. The only problem is, you keep putting it off and then feel guilty. Through her signature music lesson programs, Dr. Agnes blends 25 years of musical performance with innovative teaching techniques. Together, we help your child become an expressive musician with high self-esteem who loves performing so that you can

Swap your pre-lesson guilt for a glass of wine and evening serenades in your living room.




Why hire a harpist over a DJ for your event?


The reasons are endless. Let’s start with a few:


  • Your guests will be WOWED! Like, major wowed. You got a harp player? What’s next, ice sculptures?!


  • Along with impressing your guests, it is truly quality entertainment


  • It’s a perfect representation of elegant and class


  • It compliments conversations rather than competing with them (No more balancing a cocktail and a plate of food while screaming over that 22-year-old DJ…)


  • It can truly make an event


  • It is a beautiful backdrop (yes, you can take your event photos with my harp!)


  • It is something unique that will stay with your guests for life


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