Nashville Harp Lessons


I work with curious, creative children like yours.

They love music and won’t stop whining for lessons. The only problem is, you keep putting it off and then feeling guilty.

Through her signature music lesson programs, Dr. Agnes blends 25 years of musical performance with innovative teaching techniques.

Together, we help your child become an expressive musician with high self-esteem who loves performing so that you can swap your pre-lesson guilt for a glass of wine and evening serenades in your living room.

Are your children whining for harp lessons?

Do you want your kids to learn music?

Don’t know where or how to start and keep procrastinating?

Problem solved.

With Harp Lessons in Nashville, your child will:

  • Learn the language of music

  • Have a creative outlet not provided in school

  • Develop higher self-esteem

  • Feel comfortable performing in public

    so You can:

    stop procrastinating getting lessons…

    Drop the mom-guilt….

    and finally feel like the awesome parent you are. .